Sunday, April 5, 2009

Reminds me of ayam iljam3a

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  1. when were these ayam, cause I sure as hell dont remember this candy ;p

  2. loool, now we are talking. :D

    i love the orange club...i have been eating them like crazy for two whole weeks, when i was in a training. Every single break i will fitch a cup of coffee and 3/4No of the club. Can you imagine how many i was consuming in the 2 weeks/10 days, which everyday we were spending 7 hours in the training venue, plus 1 hour of lunch. Not to forget to mention, that there were other types of chocolate bars, and healthy bars, that i was munching on.....

    I have gained massivly :'(

  3. 5osh fekraa!! 7adii 7abait fekrat al blog :D
    ana i like Extra gums :P

  4. love ;** - these ayam where when u were still in ur crib crying to get out - LOOOL - its a chocolate covered biscuit - the fruit one has zabeeb in the biscuit, the orange one has the flavour in the choco

    Solafa - i LOVE them - babe step AWAY from the CLUB bars

    Smart-y - LOOOL thank u - basawy post 5a9 7ag il extra gums inshallah

    No identity.. - cos they were my breakfast for three years. LOOOL