Monday, April 6, 2009

My goodie drawer - shall be donated today

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  1. here *hands you a peiace of paper with my address written on it*

  2. taw kunti healthy food we gym bag we 7ala .... moo 9ar? ohhh for donation... ok ok send to my add plz ;P

  3. Stand-Alone~ - LOOOOOL too late - the stuff didnt even make it out the door

    love ;** - babe i put the stuff in a goodie basket and left it for everyone in the office

    No identity.. - donated to the office - gone in 60 seconds. LOOOOL. tha7akoony wallah. i was telling them inzain if u wanted laish ma tgooloon - bas i put it on a table in the middle chan y9eer 3alaich attack oo m'6arab oo dam

  4. i miss my drawer..!!! :(
    i want a job.. :(

  5. No ID - i know la oo the one who ate the most is this guy that usually NEVER eats anything at work

    Change - LOOOOL inzain sawy drawer filbait