Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cadbury's Creme Eggs - am I the only one who loves them?

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    a7eba2e il 3azezeeeeen jedan... ako minhom 3la big huge one o ako minhom 3la a baaaaaar :D

    recently i finished my last bar i brought form the UK :D

  2. loool, this are special for Easter, which is happening soon.

    It gonna be Good Friday this Friday, and you are celebrating it with them ;)

    I tried them once, and i didnt like them, they were tooo sweet and softy...:S

  3. *notes to self-- a must buy and try*

    did you get them from Al-Fair?

  4. Daddy's Girl - way3a bagaity shay ma yibteeh wiyach min the UK?? inty cham daf3a 7ag zyadat wazin?? LOOOL - i never tried the bar but i like the normal sized ones lakin wayid 7aly - yim7ar so this time i got the minis - ee they sell it 3indina

    Solafa - no they sell the minis all year round i think - i used to have them in college

    Stand-Alone~ - yep Al Fair MQ

  5. Loool golay masha2 allah :D

    Mo shasawee akelna bel q8 ma yenwekel!!!! Seriously ma yenwekel ma thegtay khobizna yebachee il 7amd le allah 3la kil 7aal...

    kil mokan 3ndohom toast ayanin... bahrain, dubai, KSA bs i7na

    o kil shay imlawath!!!

    This is ur photo blog not mine... wella chan i posted for u the bags ;)

    By the way they are not special for easter the Cadbury Creme Eggs are always available all year round...

  6. Daddy's Girl - mashallah mashallah - la im only saying that cos im jealous - LOOOOL

    yeah i know the mini eggs ana dayman min ayam iljam3a i always buy them

    agool u can always send me funny / interesting pics on my email or BBM them to me lo 3indich BB oo ana i will post them
    BB PIN 20970482

  7. loool girls, i know they are not only produced for EASTER, and they are everywhere and through the year.

    I was just referring that when they 1st came out, they were special for easter, as the occaision that will take place in few days time.

    LOOL, you made me laugh with your comments, and wondering about your sweet teeth. :D

  8. Loool 3ndi tons of pix ... khal asawee sifting o adezlich cham wa7dayaaya

    Jealous? Ana ilee jealous minkom! A'3rath london kilha 3ndokom masha2 allah 3lekom!!!

  9. Solafa - really i didnt know that

    Daddy's Girl - hahahaha a'3ra'6 landan kileha hnee lakin ilshya2 ily tiswa mako - i would trade all these chocolates for an LV store anyday