Saturday, April 4, 2009

I'm craving this right now

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  1. omg.. i just came back from jogging and this is the first thing i see... *dddrrroooolllsss*
    I WANT!!!!!
    yala 3anooda... my treat =D shall we?

  2. Chinhom rabe3na maloot Burger Boutiqe

    Chinna feta7 3ndokom moo?

    Hallah hallah ib ikhwankom il q8yeen zoroohom o shaj3oohom 3ad :D

  3. Hmmmmm... where is my invitation ;P

  4. Stand-Alone~ - LOOOOL nope we shall not - i am not taking blame for ur wasted efforts

    Daddy's Girl - Roadside Diner - gom Slider Station malkum - this is the midnight Slider - hala wallah

    No identity.. - cham marra agool ma yi7taj invitation - oo btw i never went tara its an old pic and i was just craving it theek ilsa3a so i posted the pic

  5. Haaa okkkk...

    i7na bel q8 awal branch kan ismah Burger Boutique
    Thane branch is slider station

    The black pudding u have in that post is a speciality @ slider...

    Samooh shino? Roadside Diner??

    Ma awaseekom feehom... 3ad beyefto7oon 3ndena b3d Falafel & Co. yom yefta7 3ndena ta3alaw intay o Stand Alone el q8 na3zemkom 3leeh :D

  6. Daddy's Girl - b+f Roadside Diner - agool Standy shrayich?? inroo7 Kuwait 3ala 7sab Daddy's Girl????

  7. *runs to book a ticket for me and 3anooda*
    man anything for foooood!!!

    a5aaaf ta5itha rice =p

  8. 3anooda, ye7tag treoo7een ... I went and the burger kan fa'6eeeee3... hmmmm

  9. No ID - 3ad ray7a ana malyon mara 0 fashla when i go they all sing "welcome back"