Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Remember Me? By Sophie Kinsella

Same authour of Confessions of a Shopaholic - I haven't actually read any of the shopaholic series so I don't know whether this is one of them.

I started it last Saturday. I read upto page 45 but got bored. Picked it up today and I only just took a break to watch the lightening show. Let me get back to it since I can't sleep anyways.

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  1. hmm i think my cousin read and said it was good.. or.. i donno wallah.. i am not much of a reader.. hope that managed to put you back to sleep =D

  2. LooooL ... standy treat reading as sleeping pills :D

  3. Stand-Alone~ - it was a bit boring at the beginning but its really good. which was worse cos i was into it.

    No identity.. - hahahahaaha i know people who do that. i used to do it school days with my chemistry book

  4. Eshloon y3ni mo garya Shopaholic Series???

    It is a must MUST read...

    The book is good i read it ... not as good as shopoholic but still good... o nice twist in the end .... yakser kha6ry il architect refejhom...

    O when u finish it go straight o buy shopaholic

  5. danderma - aaaaahhhhhh lat5arbeen 3alay 3ad i still didnt finish it

    im planning on reading the shopaholic series after this