Thursday, April 9, 2009

I just LOVE this image - I want these given to me

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  1. madry ya rabi ishloon yesawoon alwanhom chithee?

    i remember in science ayam il madresa kinna inyeeb colored water o put a white carnation in it o it will turn blue

    but ishloon kil waraqaya lon?

    3ad ana shayfat.hom marra in UK o 3yazt age6 naqzat inah Allah 7elween chanzain min yahdenee warda... o my husband bu labas wala sharalee :(

  2. No ID - i dont know but they look gorgeous dont they

    Daddy's Girl - wallah they actually exist?? 9awarteehum?? 3ajeebeen wallah

  3. amazing!!
    now i want one..
    we should tell bella-la-rose to get some =p

  4. i Love this image as well.

    I have seen some roses with 2/3 different colours in real, but never seen more than 3 colours in a rose!

    It will be cool if we are to find a bunch of roses with this multi/rainbow colours.

  5. Standy - wallah if bella gets them i want one

    Solafa - very cool huh!!!

  6. me waaaaaaaaaaant... they sell it in Elite roses or sth in Al-Khoud