Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And finally

I got a chance to re-organise my closet and go back to my colour co-ordinating days
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  1. I organise the same way... but my closet is never enough for me ;P

  2. standy - u dont understand how long ive been meaning to do

    no id - mine isnt either - the boxes u see one has all my beach stuff like shorts and swimsuits and one has anything that doesnt have sleeves

    oo feeh other boxes also with random stuff like accessories (hats and scarves)

    oh yeah and long dresses and 3abayas and stuff are in a closet in another room


  3. Hmmm ... I might look into the Box Idea... sounds practical.. ;)

  4. i always wonder..whats more effective? in order of color or in order of casual/work/evening - lol - i cant tell, cos i havent come round to trying either.