Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best Chocolates Ever

Godiva's Raspberry Truffles
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  1. kint ba36eech lakin i bought them for the office oo ilyoum wadait-hum. sorrreee

  2. Hmmmmm … love them too…once I went to Belgaum and had GODIVA ice cream … HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmm it was the best I had ever … you should try it one day…

  3. ohhhh interesting!!!!! me want!!
    when will you invite me to some?
    i will buy coffee =D

  4. No identity.. - yeah ive tried the Godiva ice cream - it was a bit too heavy for my taste

    Stand-Alone~ - tfa'6alay ay wagt - mine is a cafe latte please

  5. Dont forget me standy and 3anooda ;P

  6. No identity.. - LOOOL 7ayach allah

  7. a7la kakaw bel DENYA godiva!!!

    Itha beyrathonee yeshtoroole minah

    Awal ma3ash istalamtah ga6eet ymkin 100 KD 3la godiva alone :D

    Which reminds me... i have some pix of godiva i want to post on my blog

    between me and you, the best godiva chocolates to me are a cube with a litte complete round bondoga that is salted o all covered in Chocolate... YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMY

  8. danderma - ana ay shay feeh a7mar a7ibeh - 7ata the strawberry one mal quality street a7ibeh. lakin Godiva Raspberry is SHAAAYYYYY

  9. Ooooooooooh

    my favourite is the red strawberry mal quality st.

    followed by the orange one!!!

    Auuuugh sar li senna maybe mo makla makintooosh :`(

    i7na insamee quality st. makintoosh bel q8 by the way